Bulletin Boards Made Simple


Bulletin Boards Made Simple

Hey y'all! Raise your hand if you absolutely LOVE changing out bulletin boards. Whether your hand went up or not, we can probably all agree that changing out our boards can be time consuming. Well no more! (Click on the picture to be taken to it in my TPT store.)

I have two bulletin boards in the hallway and one the classroom that I change out regularly. Sometimes they have other class work, but mostly I use these seasonal boards because they're so quick to flip.

These pics were taken for Teachers Pay Teachers. In real life, I have a string going across the bulletin board with clips on it. The kids can easily take down their old writing prompt and put up the new one. All I have to do is change out the letters.

Each month's bulletin board has a writing prompt to go with it and a blank template you could use for just about any prompt you choose.

With all the different boards to choose from, there is no shortage of ideas.

I especially love adding embellishments like glitter on the reindeer noses or on the pumpkin stems. 

Your students could also give their snowmen or hearts a few extra "accessories" with scarves and hats or stickers and glitter.

I just love the simplicity of each set. The writing prompts are simple enough to do with a sub, or to slip in to any extra time you have one day.

And of course the kids love seeing their work highlighted and on display, no matter how easy it was to put together.

In addition to seasonal boards, I have a few growth mindset/mindfulness sets as well. The unicorn bulletin board goes great with book Thelma the Unicorn, which teaches about loving yourself just the way you are.

The keep moving forward set focuses on growth mindset and overcoming obstacles. Of course, you could always use the blank writing page to have your students write about what they're excited about for next year, too. Kind of a graduation type bulletin board. 

And the fireflies are perfect for your end-of-the-year camping unit. I'm putting this one on my classroom door with students' names on each of the bugs. Check Instagram soon for the final result. ;)

And the newest bulletin board to hit the store is this gratitude display. Students draw what they are grateful for in the Polaroid picture and write about it underneath and on an additional writing page as needed. This setup works great for Thanksgiving or any time of year you're talking about being grateful for what you have. 


To check out any of the bulletin boards pictured, simply click on the image. You can also pick up the entire year's worth of bulletin boards by clicking here. The bundle is a steal!

Anyway, I hope you got some new ideas for decorating your classroom. Have a wonderful week and I'll talk to you soon.

Stay cozy,

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