Beginning of the Year Math Review for 1st Grade

Hey, y'all! Are you ready for a little back to school review for your firsties? I've got just the thing to refresh their memories from last spring. This first grade back to school unit covers counting to 120, making teen numbers, and making ten.

On Monday of each week, we have a whole class lesson to build schema and prepare for the week. This is the "I do/We do" part.

Tuesday through Thursday, students visit a series of stations practicing these skills on their own or with their group (I usually have six groups.)

On Fridays, we come back together for a whole class summative lesson.

The first week, students review counting to 120, comparing numbers, and putting numbers in order. The second week, students review teen numbers by playing games, putting together puzzles, and using task cards.

The third week, we work on fluency within 10. We make a rainbow to work on commutative property and find "friends of ten."  Then, in stations, students practice these facts with games, task cards, and by timing themselves.

These units can be done in any order, so do what works best for your students. They can also be done as a whole class lesson if needed, rather than in stations.

Each unit includes lesson plans, student direction cards, task cards or game boards, and recording sheets. Just add dice and play dough!

For more information about this unit, you can check it out in my TpT store here. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more great resources coming soon.

Have a wonderful week and stay sweet,

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