Even More Digital Science and Social Studies Units


Even More Digital Resources for Google Classroom™

Hey, y'all! A couple weeks ago I shared some new resources for use with Google Classroom. My second graders are loving these units and they are so easy to assign for digital learning at home or  blended learning in the classroom. 


The Solar System unit is super fun. It gives a description of each planet and different space things like meteors, comets, and stars. Students read and respond on each slide, build their own constellations, compare and contrast different planets, and more. 


The Continents and Oceans unit covers reading, writing, science, and social studies standards. Each slide describes a continent or ocean and includes a link for more information with a writing response space. Students compare and contrast different places, write about where they'd want to go, and take a short geography quiz in Google forms (read: self-grading). 


States of Matter is one of my most in-demand STEAM Units and now it has a digital version! Teachers are loving these interactive lessons. Each slide includes a reading passage (use Google extensions to have it read aloud to students), a short question, and a writing response area. These Google Classroom resources are great for integrating subjects and allowing students to work at their own pace.  


One of my favorite station units for the end of the year is now digital. The hands on crafts/steam challenges are in this original unit. The digital version includes reading passages with writing response prompts. It's a short and sweet unit that explains the difference between Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.

My students are enjoying each of these units in Google Classroom. It's so easy for them to use the text to speech function if they are having a hard time reading. And the writing responses allow me to check for understanding and for them to connect with the text. (And there's less paper!) It's a win-win.

I'm always adding new resources so be sure to follow me on TPT for all the latest and greatest. I hope you have a wonderful week!

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